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About Us



Janssen Machine  was started part-time   in 1993 by Ron Janssen.  Renting  space and machines from a local  machine shop. He worked nights and weekends designing and building quick  turn  around quality tooling, fixtures and assembly machines for local  manufacturing companies.

1995 -  Ron leaves his full time job to pursue Janssen Machine full time.

1997  - Ron purchases his first machines, adds small lot production, rents  space from a local industrial building in Rockford IL, and hires the  first part-time employees to assist with production contracts.

2000  - Ron partners up with Jeff Reisetter, a co-worker from years before  that specializes in prototypes, tooling, and CNC machining, to assist in  the growing of the company and their prototype / tooling business.

2001  - Janssen Machine moves the company from Rockford, IL to a 3000 square  foot rental in Loves Park, IL. They hire their 1st full time employees.

2003 - Ron and Jeff incorporate Janssen Machine in Illinois and the company becomes Janssen Machine, Inc.

2006  - Ron and Jeff purchase a 6000 sq. ft. warehouse in Loves Park,  IL, converted it into a machine shop and move Janssen Machine, Inc

Today - Still located in Loves Park, IL. they employee 6 full-time, and 3 part-time employees.

What we do


Janssen Machine is a contract machine shop located centrally in northern Illinois that specializes in machining  quick turn around complete precision prototypes, tooling, fixtures, and  small lot production. We have the knowledge, experience and tools to  take your designs from concept to reality in a minimal time frame. Our  commitment to quality and delivery is second to none, which includes our  network of outside vendors that share that same commitment. Making us your One Stop Shop to go to for any project you may have. We  are proud to have built this company on the  principles of high quality parts delivered on time by crafts people that take pride in their work. 

Our  facility uses the latest in computers, software and internet tools to  expedite the process. Our programming stations are networked to the shop  floor where we can upload/download programs directly to and from our  CNC machines. We enjoy working with your designers and taking your  design concepts, whether they be verbal conversations, sketches, reverse  engineered, or complex 3D models and delivering quality product within  your specified delivery dates. 



- Prototypes

- Machine Fixtures / Design

- Inspection Fixtures / Design

- Assembly Fixtures / Design

- Tooling

- Tool and Die

- Small Lot Production

- Precision Milling

- Precision Turning

- Surface Grinding

- Drilling & Tapping

Contracted Outside Vendor Services 

 - Bending - Wire & Plate

 - EDM -  Wire & Conventional

 - Hobbing

 - Jig Grinding

 - Laser Cutting

 - Laser Marking

 - OD Grinding

 - Plasma Cutting

 - Plating

 - Painting

 - Welding 

Current Industries Served:

- Aerospace

- Food and Beverage

- Automotive

- Medical

- Energy Management

- Recreational Vehicles


At Janssen Machine it is our goal for our quality standards to meet or exceed your  expectations. We pride ourselves in knowing we are skilled craftspersons  by trade and it shows in the quality of parts we produce.
In  today's world of complex designs we fully understand the fact no one  wants parts that do not function because they were not made to print. We are currently reviewing our QMS program for an upgrade to AS9100


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